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1 June 2022
TDMP Officiates Chilli Cultivation Turn-Key Project with PPK Kuala Langat
01 June 2022 – TDM Berhad through its Plantation Division, TDM Plantation Sdn. Bhd. (TDMP), today officiated its newest development of cash crop plantation, namely the chilli […]
30 May 2022
TDM Hosts Raya Open House – Jalinan Tautan, Lebaran Dirai
30 May 2022 – TDM Berhad has had the pleasure of organising the Majlis Hari Raya Aidilfitri TDM 1443H/2022 after two years of not being able […]
15 May 2022
TDM Celebrates Raya with Pengkalan Berangan Single Mothers
15 May 2022 – TDM Berhad had the pleasure of being a part of the Program Mahabbah & Sambutan Hari Raya, organised by the Kelab Ibu […]
17 April 2022
TDM Celebrates Ramadan with Pengkalan Berangan Orphans
17 April 2022 – In keeping with the true spirit of caring and sharing during the fasting month, TDM Berhad partnered with a non-government organisation (NGO) to host […]
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