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21 January 2021
TDM Plantation Organised On-site COVID-19 Screening for its Foreign Workers
In these unprecedented times, the health, safety, and well-being of our employees, regardless of their nationalities, remain our number one priority, and we are working hard […]
15 January 2021
TDM Plantation donated to Terengganu Wild Elephant Management Fund
TDM Plantation recently donated to Terengganu Wild Elephant Management Fund to jointly address the threat of encroachments by wild elephants into plantations areas. The donation was […]
11 January 2021
TDM Showed Solidarity in Joining A GLC-Wide CSR
In the wake of the floods that have devastated several states in Malaysia, including Terengganu, TDM Berhad showed solidarity in joining a GLC-wide Corporate Social Responsibility […]
1 January 2021
TDM’s Exclusive Interview with Manis FM
TDM Berhad Chief Financial Officer, En Amir Mohd Hafiz Amir Khalid and Head of Shariah & Shakhsiah Development, Ustaz Muhamad Hamdi Harun went live on Manis […]
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