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10 September 2020
River of Life – Gotong Royong
19 September 2020

A Delegation Visit from The Embassy of The Republic of Indonesia in Malaysia to Kemaman Plantation

11th SEPTEMBER 2020 – Our team at TDM Plantation; a subsidiary of TDM Berhad, consisted of Plantation Controllers and Estates Managers from Tebak, Pelantoh, Jernih and MAIDAM Estates, and Operation team welcomed a delegation visit from The Embassy of The Republic of Indonesia in Malaysia earlier this afternoon.

The delegates headed by Bapak Budhi Hidayat Laksana (Atase Atnaker KBRI) together with 3 officers were taken on a tour around our Kemaman Plantation before they proceeded to meet the Indonesian workers at our community hall.

After the tour, the teams had a discussion about the welfare of Indonesian workers, their local medical insurance under the Social Insurance Administration Organisation and current issues pertaining to Covid 19 and returning procedures.

To align and keep everyone on the same page, the delegates were made known of the Covid 19 Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) ruled by the Malaysia Ministry of Health Department as well as other procedures which have affected the plantation’s daily operation.

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