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11 September 2020
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22 September 2020

River of Life – Gotong Royong

19th SEPTEMBER 2020 – It was a well-spent morning for our staff at TDM Berhad and its subsidiary, TDM Plantation, as they went on a team-building river cleanup at Ladang Tayor, Sungai Tong, dedicating their time to making a river and its landscape beautiful and clean again.

The programme, River of Life Project – Gotong Royong, was first kick-started with opening
remarks by TDM Plantation Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Haji Mohd Ghozali Yahaya where he gave a brief overview of the project to everyone present. Following that was the officiating speech by TDM Plantation Board of Director, Haji Hamdan Ibrahim. To further commemorate today’s programme and mark its success, Haji Hamdan and Haji Mohd Ghozali together with a few management staff planted a few indigenous trees of different types; once fully grown, they will further benefit the ecosystem. Among the trees planted were Shorea materialis (Balau Pasir), Scaphium affine (Kembang Semangkok), Garnicia hombroniana (Beruas), Mesua ferrea (Penaga), and Eugenia claviflora roxburgh (Keriang Dot @ Jambu Arang).

The cleaning process was a real team effort; some stacked fronds to help prevent soil erosion while others trekked around the areas to clean up debris trapped in amongst the plants and rocks further away from the water. As they strolled along the river, the participants were given the opportunity to discover and learn more about flora and fauna species that reside around the river areas. It was indeed an exciting session – the team gathered many interesting insights imparted personally by Haji Hamdan and Haji Mohd Ghozali. The team-building river clean-up had not only exercised teamwork by working towards a meaningful goal together but also promoted protection, restoration, and sustainable use of rivers among our staff.

Today’s programme is the first step to have the river restored and rejuvenated. It is hoped to
trickle towards bigger goals which include creating awareness on our sustainability initiatives to the general public, preserving the rich natural biodiversity and creating corridors for endangered, rare and threatened (ERT) animals to freely roam the areas. Our next mission is to transform the river into a local attraction with the involvement of the community and government bodies. On this recreational spot, everyone, including nature enthusiasts, can bond while enjoying nature.

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