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19 September 2020
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26 September 2020

Living Together

22ND SEPTEMBER 2020 – Our commitment towards one of the three sustainability pillars, the planet, continues to as we finished our second “Living Together” meeting recently. Hosted at our Pelantoh Estate, the meeting was organised to find practical solutions to Human-Elephant Conflict (HEC) which has become more prevalent over the years and affected six of our estates in Kemaman and Setiu.

Our team together with a few representatives from oil palm businesses had an insightful discussion during the meeting – the conversation revolved around the idea of equipping GPS collar onto elephant matriarchs which could help in tracking their herds’ movements. With this information at hand, everyone can be extra vigilant after getting accurate and early alert of elephant intrusion, making necessary preparation for conflict mitigation without causing any harm to the elephant herd.

We are excited to implement this method – it will be a great support to our plan of using drone fitted with a device that can emit an infrasonic sound similar to the sound of stingless bees. Elephants are sensitive to this sound, hence causing them to stray away and avoid approaching the surrounding areas.

Living Together is an initiative dreamt and visioned by our Group Chief Executive Officer (GCEO) in early 2020 to cope with the intrusion and encroachment of wild elephants at six of our estates in Kemaman and Setiu, living harmoniously with them. With this new initiative currently in progress and soon to be fully implemented into our pipeline, we are looking into a brighter future of plantation management while alleviating Human-Elephant Conflict (HEC).

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