Management Retreat Session: FY2021 – FY2025
27 September 2020
TDM Berhad Organised the First Pasar Buku Ganu at Kuala Terengganu
3 October 2020

Kuala Terengganu Specialist Hospital’s (KTSH) Catheterisation Laboratory (Cath Lab)

30th SEPTEMBER 2020 – KMI Healthcare, the healthcare division of TDM Berhad, has hit yet another milestone when officials from the Ministry of Health yesterday completed the inspection of the Catheterisation Laboratory (Cath Lab) in its Kuala Terengganu facility. Kuala Terengganu Specialist Hospital (KTSH) will soon be the 1st Private Hospital offering intervention Cardiology services in Terengganu with the opening of the Cath Lab, on top of the Cardiology services currently available at KTSH.

A Cath Lab is where our heart specialists perform minimally invasive tests and procedures to diagnose and treat cardiovascular disease without performing surgery. They guide catheters through blood vessels into the heart to identify and treat problems. The gold standard in diagnosing coronary heart disease can now be done here in our hospital.

We would like to congratulate our team at KTSH for achieving another milestone despite all the hiccups caused by the global pandemic, bringing a new level of convenience and state-of-the-art care to the area – an investment for the well-being of the residents and community in Terengganu.

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