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13 April 2021
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3 May 2021

TDM Plantation Joining Terengganu Inc’s Agihan Bubur Lambuk Percuma

13 April 2021 – In line with TDM Berhad’s Ramadhan theme; ‘Rezeki Dikongsi, Ikatan Dijalin’, TDM Plantation Chief Executive Officer Tuan Haji Mohd Ghozali Yahaya today took part in ‘Agihan Bubur Lambuk Percuma’ programme organised by Terengganu Inc at Terengganu State Mosque, joining Terengganu Inc Executive Director, Tuan Haji Burhanuddin Hilmi Mohamed @ Harun and Yang Dipertua Majlis Agama dan Adat Istiadat Negeri Terengganu, YBhg. Dato’ Haji Osman Muda, distributing Bubur Lambuk to the local community. Also present were fellow Terengganu Government Link Company (GLC) representatives, all coming together to distribute the pre-packed cuisine and exchange well wishes in conjunction with the first day of fasting.  

This 3-day programme is not only a norm or tradition in the month of Ramadan but also an avenue which promotes the spirit of goodwill and community togetherness through sharing. We would like thank Terengganu Inc for providing us with the opportunity to be there, showing unity and keeping an age-old tradition alive

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