TDM Berhad Rendered Assistance to Pahang Flood Victims

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20 December 2021
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28 December 2021

TDM Berhad Rendered Assistance to Pahang Flood Victims

23 – 25 December 2021 – The widespread flooding seen in many states in Malaysia has claimed lives, ravaged houses, and displaced an estimated 70,000 people. In areas where waters have receded, thick mud and muck covered pretty much every single corner of affected homes, damaging most if not all household contents and belongings. Adding to the hardships, the flash floods take place in the middle of a worsening COVID-19 pandemic.

TDM Berhad stands in solidarity with flood victims and recently joined hands with several organisations to render flood relief assistance in Pahang. The company’s contribution to the joint effort had brought the fund to a total of more than RM100,000, utilised to purchase general necessities, food and toiletries, and post-flood clean-ups. Aids were channelled to three locations heavily devastated by the floods, Taman Pandan Indah, Taman Damai Indah and Taman Perumahan Awan Kos Rendah Pandan, through a 3-day flood relief mission by a group of 260 volunteers from Kuala Terengganu. 

It is hoped that the assistance extended to the flood victims could help them to some extent. TDM is committed to continue providing support to the affected community during this flood season, including our very own employees. Given the severe impacts arising from the floods, it is crucial for us to render assistance through any means possible to our communities and employees so that we may overcome this challenging period together.

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