TDM Mobilises Assistance for Flood Victims in Hulu Terengganu

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TDM Mobilises Assistance for Flood Victims in Hulu Terengganu

05 March 2022 – The floods that took the Hulu Terengganu district by surprise have been described as the most serious as some of the affected areas have never been flooded before. More than 3,700 were displaced from their homes and forced to evacuate to disaster relief centres or take shelter at the nearest higher ground as rivers swelled and rapid floodwaters rose to dangerous levels following continuous heavy rain. As the floodwaters subsided, many returned to ravaged houses and had to witness the devastation it caused to their belongings.

In response to the unprecedented disaster, TDM Berhad reached out to support and bring relief to families of flood victims across the district. Its team of volunteers, led by its Shariah and Shakhsiah Development Head of Department (HOD) Ustaz Muhamad Hamdi Harun, travelled through flood-affected areas, distributed clean clothes and handed over a cash donation to each family they met. While distributing the clothes, the team also lent their ears to the victims, sympathetically listening to their harrowing experience of what they went through as floodwaters rapidly flowed in and rose without warning. Although brief, the visit by the team did bring smiles to many faces and forge many unbreakable bonds.

It will take some time for the victims to recover from the aftermath, but the support they receive from all walks of life that have come together to lend a helping hand will drive them forward as they rebuild their lives.

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