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TDM Berhad Continues Korban Tradition with 1,600 Families across Terengganu

11th July 2022 – TDM Berhad had the pleasure of partaking in the religious korban this year; the Group’s annual tradition and corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme in conjunction with Eid al-Adha, or else known as the Feast of Sacrifice. This significant event of korban simultaneously took place at the TDM Plantation Sdn. Bhd. (TDMP) operations and a few other locations across Terengganu with the help of TDMP’s very own teams and local non-governmental organisations (NGO) who were directly involved in the slaughtering, cutting and distributing processes. In total, 1,600 portions of sacrificial meat were successfully and personally distributed to the identified asnaf families and local residents.

Sharing is indeed the gift of caring. It ripples many other kindness acts, impacting lives and bringing joy more than we could imagine. We sincerely hope that our act of sacrifice and gratitude for the Group’s encouraging performance last year amid multiple challenges brought smiles to the recipients’ faces and helped strengthen the spirit of togetherness among our staff and the local communities.

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