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24 August 2022
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26 August 2022

KSKIP of TDM Distributes Bubur Asyura to Local Community

25th August 2022 – The “Kelab Sukan dan Kebajikan Ibu Pejabat” (KSKIP) of TDM Berhad, together with the Masjid Abidin, or else known as the Masjid Negeri, has had the opportunity to continue the tradition of Bubur Asyura distribution with the local community. This unique staple of Muharram was personally prepared by volunteers from TDM and TDM Plantation Sdn Bhd (TDMP) and a group of traditional cuisine experts from the Masjid Abidin. Although orchestrated together as a team, the preparation and cooking processes were not easy and took a very long time, from as early as 7:00 am up until noon. Nevertheless, the end result brought smiles, especially to those who managed to take a few quick bites of this treat before safely packing it for distribution. 

Present to hand out the savoury treat right after the Zohor prayer were TDM Executive Director Haji Najman Kamaruddin and Masjid Abidin Management Board Chairman YBM Dato’ Dr. Syed Mohammad Salleh Syed Yusof Al-Zawawi, assisted by the attending volunteers. In total, the team managed to distribute 500 packets of Bubur Ayura to the community – those who walked by the venue, as well as the passing motorcyclists and motorists. This programme is indeed very significant to TDM as the Group managed to share its rizq and, at the same time, strengthen its relationships with the general public, the Masjid Abidin community, and its employees. 

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