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25 August 2022
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16 September 2022

TDM Celebrates National Month with “Kibarkan Bendera Malaysia” Rally

25th August 2022 – In commemoration of the 65th National Day and Malaysia Day celebrations, TDM Berhad recently took to the road, rallying with its employees in convoy to help spread the spirit of patriotism and encourage the general public to display, raise and wave the Jalur Gemilang. The team led by TDM Executive Director Haji Najman Kamaruddin and TDM Plantation Sdn Bhd (TDMP) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Encik Hamdan Ibrahim gathered right in front of TDM’s headquarters to distribute more than 500 Malaysian flags. 

With Malaysia-themed songs playing in the background, they carefully handed out the flags to road users and passers-by while chanting Merdeka cheers to further enliven the activity. Haji Najman and Encik Hamdan also took the chance to fix the Jalur Gemilang on some of the passing vehicles upon receiving a green light from the owners. It was an amazing sight to see as they interacted with one another, exchanging unity-fostering messages in support of the celebrations and embracing the true meaning of “Keluarga Malaysia”.

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