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30 January 2023
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9 February 2023

TDM Strengthen the Ties with Local Communities through “Huluran Kasih” Programme

TDM Berhad continues to uphold its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by strengthening ties with the local communities where the company operates. TDM is pleased and grateful to carry on the “Huluran Kasih” programme, aimed to share its rizq with those affected by the rising cost of living.

In this program, TDM has the opportunity to build friendly relationships and provide support in the form of essential goods and cash to several families in Ladang Tayor and Ladang Fikri, Sungai Tong, which are managed by TDM Plantation Sdn Bhd (TDMP).

The aid distribution was led by TDM Head of Shariah & Shakhsiyah Development Department, Ustaz Muhamad Hamdi Harun, together with CEO of TDMP, Encik Hamdan Ibrahim, as well as management team from Ladang Tayor and Ladang Fikri.

With this in mind, TDM hopes that the assistance channelled will significantly alleviate the burden and bring some comfort to those affected, allowing them to maintain their daily lives. We pray that everyone will be blessed with abundance and fortitude to overcome any future obstacles.

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