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12 March 2023
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19 March 2023

Happy International Women’s Day

The woman who was created from Adam’s left rib, continues to be a source of inspiration and often complements. Despite looking soft in a harsh world, women remain steadfast in facing life. In conjunction with Women’s Day, which is celebrated around the world every March 8, TDM and KMI Kuala Terengganu took the opportunity to celebrate this special day with female patients at KMI Kuala Terengganu, sharing happiness and words of encouragement with them, who are being tested with pain.

In conjunction with this year’s theme “Kasih Wanita” by Jabatan Pembangunan Wanita, this activity is to honour women who tirelessly spread love, maintain noble character, ensure the health of themselves and their families, constantly improve their knowledge, and maintain harmony in their surroundings.

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