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19 March 2023
TDM Celebrates The Arrival of Ramadan by Distributing Bubur Lambuk at Abidin Mosque
26 March 2023

TDM Assists in Supplying the Asnaf with Essentials for the Upcoming Ramadan

The Salafussoleh rejoiced at the arrival of Ramadan, a month full of blessings. In conjunction with Ramadan, TDM Berhad grabbed the opportunity to welcome the asnafs of the Kuala Nerus district and Kuala Terengganu as a strategic partner in the “Jelajah Ramadan RTM 2023” program. RTM will visit 77 mosques across Malaysia from March 17 to April 15, and RTM has chosen three mosques in Terengganu.

The programme began with an inauguration by Mr. Sabri Mansor, Director of RTM Terengganu, then continued with a convoy of vehicles with other strategic partners, Primula Beach Hotel and Ramaco Motor Sdn. Bhd. The convoy started from the Terengganu State Broadcasting Department (RTM) to the Buluh Gading Village Mosque, then to the Seberang Takir Village Mosque, and finally to the Abidin Mosque. At each mosque, selected asnafs were also treated and helped in the form of necessities and cash for their Ramadan preparations.

Haji Najman Kamaruddin, Executive Director of TDM Berhad, did not miss the opportunity to support and make the programme a success. Please see the following link for a brief speech and ceremony itinerary: Jelajah Ramadan RTM 2023

Hopefully the gift given can help and ease their affairs to some extent. In the month full of blessings, the month of Ramadan, let us together take the opportunity by multiplying noble practices, knowing that each of them will be rewarded multiple times over.

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