TDM Spreads Joy and Generosity with Iftar Kaseh Ramadan Event for Less Fortunate Children in Pengkalan Berangan
17 April 2023
SEJAHTERA and TDM Aid 200 Families in Marang through Bantuan Bakul Kebajikan Fakir Miskin Program.
17 April 2023

Almost 500 Guests Attend TDM’s Iftar and Qiamullail in Kemaman Complex

Towards the end of Ramadan, TDM Berhad last Thursday seized the chance to organize an Iftar and Qiamullail at Kemaman Complex with hope to strengthen the bond among each other and enhance the efforts to get closer to Allah SWT. Haji Najman Kamaruddin, Executive Director of TDM was also present to enliven the ceremony held at Padang Kubu Mosque, Kemaman. A total of almost 500 guests attended the ceremony consisting of TDM Management and TDM Plantation Sdn. Bhd. (TDMP), headquarters staff, estate workers from Kemaman’s operational unit and the community from the complex.

After breaking the fast, the ceremony then continued with Maghrib and Tarawih prayers in congregation. In the effort to get closer to Allah SWT, many of the guests who attended took the opportunity to sleep for a while after tarawih and then resume for Qiamullail together. The ceremony ended with congregational Subuh prayer and Subuh Lecture by Ustaz Ahmad Sofwat Osman, Director of Qudwah Legacy Training Consultant.

May all the practices we do throughout the month of Ramadan be accepted by Allah SWT and may we remain steadfast in our efforts to become the best Muslims, Insya-Allah.

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