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5 November 2023
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5 November 2023

Good Agriculture Practice for Early High Yield

TDM, by way of its fully-owned subsidiary, TDM Plantation Sdn. Bhd., has effectively coordinated the seminar titled “Training in Good Agricultural Practices for Early High Yields.” This seminar focused on best practices for replanting to achieve both higher yields and superior quality. The seminar took place in a series of five sessions, commencing on September 20, 2023, and concluding on October 12, 2023, at Sungai Tong.

For this seminar, TDMP engaged Hj Kamal Ahmad Milatu, a seasoned speaker from ISP Management Sdn. Bhd., to lead the event. His role was to impart knowledge and provide a deeper understanding of more efficient replanting management practices. The knowledge-sharing benefited nearly 200 seminar attendees, including management and staff from various departments, such as operations, plantations, and mills.

The company expresses its enthusiasm for such initiatives and anticipates the possibility of conducting more training programs of this nature in the future. These endeavors align with the company’s commitment to foster both collective and individual professional development, thereby enhancing the competence of the workforce across the entire TDM Group.

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