TDM Sponsors the International Golden Monsoon Ride (IGMR) 2023
5 November 2023
Good Agriculture Practice for Early High Yield
5 November 2023

TDM Supports PTT XCO Jamborace & Funrace 2023 at Poh Island, Kenyir Lake

The PTT XCO Jamborace & Funrace achieved great success during its two-day event on October 6th and 7th, 2023, at Pulau Poh, Tasik Kenyir. The exciting programs offered were warmly received by the public, drawing not only extreme cycling enthusiasts but also local residents who visited the event.

Following the conclusion of all 10 competition categories, the program continued with a closing ceremony at Dataran Pulau Poh, graced by YB Ustaz Haji Hishamuddin Abdul Karim, Chairman of the Youth, Sports, and NGO Development Committee. The ceremony was attended by TDM Group’s management and staff, who contributed to the program’s liveliness with their presence and active participation.

TDM takes pride in being a part of the sponsors and contributors who played a role in the success of PTT XCO Jamborace & Funrace 2023. Congratulations are also extended to the organizers and all those who worked together to ensure the seamless execution of the program. It is our hope that such events will strengthen unity and promote a healthy lifestyle culture.

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