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IGMR 2023, Bringing Together Cyclists for an Exciting International Event

TDM, together with a line of government-linked companies (GLC) under the Terengganu Group Inc., played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of the International Golden Monsoon Ride 2023 (IGMR 2023) held in Teluk Kalong, Kemaman.

The Closing Ceremony of IGMR 2023 was led by YB Haji Hishamuddin Abdul Karim, Chairman of the Terengganu State Youth, Sports, and NGO Development Committee, alongside esteemed guests including Yang Berhormat Mulia Tengku Seri Bijaya Raja, Terengganu State Secretary, Yang Berhormat Dato’ Nara Setia, Terengganu State Financial Officer, YB Datuk Razali bin Idris, State Tourism, Culture, Environment and Climate Change Committee Chairman and Kijal ADUN, YB Hanafiah Mat, Chairman of the State Infrastructure, Utilities, and Rural Development Committee, Chukai ADUN, Encik Ahmad Farhan bin Abdul Wahab, Kemaman District Officer as well as Haji Burhanuddin Hilmi, Executive Director of Terengganu Inc.

A total of 1,500 entries, including 30 international participants from China, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand, have performed with enthusiasm in 12 categories of the ‘MTB Challenge’ that have been contested for the chance to win a cash prize of RM31,000. In addition, the ‘On-Road Fun Ride Open’ cycle of 48 kilometres with TSG athletes also received an encouraging response from the participants.

Congratulations to the IGMR 2023 team and all those involved in making this programme a success, and we look forward to more similar events in the future, aiming to strengthen unity and promote a healthy culture within our community.

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