12 August 2021

TDM Forging Community Ties through Huluran Kasih Programme

12 August 2021 – TDM Berhad today continued the company’s Huluran Kasih programme to stay connected with the local community even through the pandemic. A team […]
12 August 2021

TDM Rendered Assistance to Kuala Nerus Residents amid Water Disruption Crisis

09 August 2021 – TDM Berhad recently went to great lengths to assist residents in Kuala Nerus who are affected by the ongoing water disruption caused […]
7 August 2021

Bakul Prihatin TDM Made its Way across Kemaman Complex

07 August 2021 – The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many regular aspects of life for countless individuals and families. With a commitment to support its employees […]
26 July 2021

TDM Initiated Food Basket Distribution for KPOM Workers

25 July 2021 – As part of its responsibility to ensure the well-being of its employees, TDM Berhad initiated a food basket distribution programme for Kemaman […]
26 July 2021

TDM Plantation Hosted Virtual CSSP for Its Estate and Mill Staff

26 July 2021 – TDM Plantation (TDMP), in collaboration with Terengganu Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) and Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS), virtually organised the […]
21 July 2021

TDM, TDM Plantation ‘Korban’ Programme in Conjuction with Eid al-Adha

21 July 2021 – TDM Berhad once again had the opportunity to share its blessings by donating several cows for “korban” or religious ritual of sacrifice […]
18 July 2021

TDM Plantation’s Hearing Conservation and SOHELP Programme

18 July 2021 – TDM Plantation (TDMP) today organised Hearing Conservation and SOHELP Programme via the Microsoft Team platform as part of its Safety Day Programme […]
24 June 2021

Shareholders Approved TDM’s Resolutions at Its Virtual 56th AGM

24 June 2021 – TDM Berhad had successfully organised its 56th Annual General Meeting under the chairmanship of its Non-Independent & Non-Executive Director Tuan Haji Burhanuddin […]
23 June 2021

Menjulang Peradaban Siri 13: Wau Tradisional Terengganu

The 13th Series of TDM Berhad’s Menjulang Peradaban went live on Facebook with art enthusiast and professional kite-master Mat Yasin Jusoh to talk about “Wau Tradisional […]