10 September 2020

Ziarah Programme

11th SEPTEMBER 2020 – As a part of its caring for the community pillar initiatives, TDM Berhad continues its corporate social responsibility (CSR) – “Ziarah Programme”, spending time […]
3 September 2020

Huluran Kasih Programme

3rd SEPTEMBER 2020 – A sense of community and connection with others add value to our business. One of the best ways to connect and create a closer […]
27 August 2020

KMI Healthcare ‘Cakna Komuniti’ Programme Enlivening The Spirit of ‘Masyarakat Prihatin’

27th AUGUST 2020 – In conjunction with Hari Kebangsaan Malaysia 2020 and its theme, ‘Malaysia Prihatin’, one of TDM’s subsidiary, Kumpulan Medic Iman Sdn Bhd (KMI) visited the […]