Sustainability Report

TDM's initiatives are closely aligned with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and supported by the Group’s core values.

The Group is committed to ensuring our business activities remain sustainable. We are always striving to achieve the equilibrium of People, Planet, and Profit. In that context, we ensure our business operations are sensitive to the interests of the communities around us, safeguard the environment, and enable the Group to earn sustainable profit. In addition, we maintain clear communication channels between the Group and its investors to share information about our long-term shareholder value creation activities and to sustain a loyal shareholder base.

Our Sustainability Report has been documented and prepared with the support of the Group’s Sustainability Committee (SCoM) and the Sustainability Working Group (SWG), which comprises the senior management of various related departments involved in the management and implementation of the Group’s sustainability policy.

Sustainability Report TDM Berhad 2019
Sustainability Report TDM Berhad 2018

Sustainability Report TDM Berhad 2017