Who We Are


Company Background


Incorporated in 1965, TDM Berhad is one of the Shariah-compliant securities listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (formerly known as the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange) under the Plantations Sector in 1970. Following a successful restructuring exercise and new strategic direction in 2000, TDM has grown into a leading player in the oil palm plantation and healthcare sectors.

Core Businesses

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In propelling its core businesses of plantation and healthcare to greater heights, TDM have recalibrated its strategies, plans and operations to ensure our sustainable growth, driven by its commitment to balancing the needs of People, Planet, Profit, Peace and Partnership.

We are committed in creating a safe, healthy, honest and pleasant working environment while helping our people find value in their work. We are an ardent advocator of personal and professional development among our management and employees. This is also extended to communities directly connected to our operations. Our emphasis on the acquisition of knowledge and skills is grounded on the belief that individuals should sustain their ability to meet the economic and social challenges of their own future.
We champion the preservation of the environment and sustainability of natural resources so as to safeguard the well-being of the people, our natural environment and the general quality of life in the present as well as future. We are increasingly ‘greening’ our operations and practices through innovation, technologies and other means in order to lower TDM’s carbon footprint and environmental impact.
We are equally committed to our responsibility towards the livelihood of our employees and financial aspirations of our shareholders. We believe this responsibility is best upheld by capitalising on risks and opportunities in growing the company over the long-term to ensure healthy financial returns to all our stakeholders.
We are committed to apply the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity in all aspects of our activity. We also believe that stakeholder’s trust can be developed by integrating corporate responsibility and sustainability into our business processes. In concord with this, we emphasise on fostering peaceful relations with our employees as well as external stakeholders. We actively contribute towards social causes and provide support to vulnerable communities. We encourage our employees to participate in community engagement activities.
We acknowledge that the global sustainable development goals can be realised with strong partnerships and collaborations at international, regional, national and that of local levels. We believe that progressive engagement and participation with various industry associations have enabled us to gain insights into industry-wide concerns and issues. Via dynamic collaborations with competent identified partners and stakeholders, we can learn the best practices to enhance our knowledge, expertise and competitiveness in the industry that can mobilise knowledge, technology and resources to create shared values and cultivate sustainable practices throughout the supply chain.